The Damage That Nnamdi Kanu Has Caused They Igbos Will Take Them More Than 50 Years To Fix

Bitter truth is as it stands, no one in Nigeria will vote for them as president. And their Biafra Agitation is dead on arrival. Because no Niger Delta South South State wants to join them.

Meanwhile runaway coward lives in the UK with his family, as a citizen there. And will never return back to live in Nigeria with them. So how will his so called social media BIAFRA come to existence?

He shouts Biafra, yet doesn’t believe in it, he instead uses the lpob Agitation to scam the gullible ignorãmøūs lgbøs of the hard earned money. Every month they pay money into his account. Money he uses to cater for his family.
What a grand 419 scammer

After Ojukwu, Nzeogwu, Uwarizike & other lgbø cohorts must have damaged the reputation of the lgbøs.,. Nigeria was begining to give them a chance. Trying to accept them back into the political Arena.

Atiku a Fulâni man even picked an lgbø as his vice. Buhari picked an lgbø too in the past.

All was set for the presidential power to shift to the South East in 2023….. Then a fugitive, who doubles as a coward came up.

The clown who hides in the UK & rants like a rabid dog on Facebook Twitter and Radio…. Started babbling about an online social media republic called Biafra.

He foolishly, included the Niger Delta South South States, in his crooked map, without even consulting anybody. And thought he & his cohorts could intimidate us the South Southerners.

He rants daily, twisting our history and spreads lies & Propaganda. Thinking we will be intimidated to join him on a failed suicide mission.
Unfortunately for him & his sçållywag set of lpob clowns, we are wiser. We know our history.

The Albino föôl said a few days ago, that he is coming to Nigeria & will bring hell with him. His zombified lpob Biafraud Supportêrs cheered and clapped like epileptic patients.

These clowns who call themselves Ipob Biafraud supporters, cannot reason for once that, if a man cannot come to bury his parents… What makes them feel he will bring hell.

He Once Ranted Saying, “Signed, Sealed &Amp; Delivered.

This Was After He Had Told The igbos Not To Register For The Voting Process. And Sit At Home.

After Been Paid, He Told Them To Go And Vote.


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