See The Top Five (5) Reason’s Why The Northerners Hate Biafra (No 3 Is A Must Read)

Everyone around the world have heard about Biafra agitation, it’s been recognized as a sovereign state on it’s own, waiting to be officially declared by the world power.

The indigeneous people of Biafra are the group carrying out the biafran which is been led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

But today, the northern part of Nigerian seems to be hating their struggle for the actualization of Biafra, and after making our research we discovered why the northerners seems not to be supportive of the Biafran struggle, and we’re here to list down the top 5 reason’s why the northerners don’t approve the Biafra struggle.

Nigerian Economy Will Crash:
Everyone living in Nigeria fully knows that the Igbo’s are the top business leader’s in Nigeria when its comes to importing and exportations of goods the Igbo’s are the top business leaders, which helps to improve the countries economy rapidly,
Top places where Igbo’s Trade for business in Nigeria are:- Lagos, Onitsha, Abuja, Kano Etc…
There Will Be A Large Poor Masses In Nigeria:
As its stated above, Igbo’s are the Top Business Leaders In Nigeria, like it is said Igbo’s are loved anywhere around the world because of their hustling spirit, which has been the reason why it’s difficult to see an Igbo Beggers around the street asking for food, in other words, Igbo’s are very supportive in Nigeria, and also helping the poor masses most especially in Northern part of Nigeria which has helped to eradicate 60% of hunger in the country.
Igbo Natural Resources
These have been the major reason’s why the Nigerian government still insist for one Nigeria, because of the southeasterners natural resources, which are a very great gift from God to the Nation, which many countries are looking for an opportunity to partner with the country, but because of its lack maintenance by the Nigerian government, the southeastern resources is losing its value, Furthermore, the natural resources which are the gift from God have been the national value purpose of the country, which helps to build the Nigerian economy and the ability to take more loans.
The Natural resources are:- Oil & Gas, Palm Oil, Cocoa, Coal, Zinc, Iron, Fruits etc….
Worldwide Recognition:
Nigeria is recognized by the world leaders as the giant of Africa with its great resources and wealth, If Biafran actualization is gotten today, Nigeria is losing its recognition as a giant of Africa, which Biafra may take over, this is what no northern leaders want to see, and they wouldn’t want the Biafran Republicans to take over the power in Africa.

Currency Value In Africa:
If Biafra is actualized, definitely with it great resources and hard-working citizens, the countries economy will be the strongest in Africa and which may result to a very higher currency value around the globe, according to our investigations northerners may find it very difficult to approve Biafra as a nation nor support them.
We have listed the top five (5) reason’s why we think the northerners don’t support biafra agitation please feel free to drop your comment/ or you can also share your thought with us below;

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