Sarkodie visited a prison to donate items, media went to cover it but he asked all of us to leave because he’s not doing it for publicity – Journalist narrates

There have been debates in recent times about doing charity work for the sake of doing what’s good and not for publicity, which is why many people have stated that it is wrong for anyone who intends to give out money or food items to do so while recording the deed.

Well, in light of this, Ghanaian rap artiste, Sarkodie appears to have defied the norm for celebrities as he carried out a charitable act without any media coverage or publicity.

A journalist identified as @AkesBeatz on Twitter has narrated how the rapper went to donate items to prisoners in the Ghana and the media decided to go cover it, however, Sarkodie insisted that he does not want a media coverage.

“Sarkodie was once at James Fort prison to donate to prisoners, that was almost a year ago. “So we went there to cover for Tv news. “We were asked to go back, reason being that Sark did not want coverage. “Well, so if man says he doesn’t want his deeds publicized, me diier i believe. “Sorry, James Camp prisons at Roman Ridge, not James Fort.” the journalist wrote.