Reasons Why Agriculture Has Not Been Fully Mechanised In West Africa

  • Small farm holding, land fragmentation or land tenure system does not permit mechanisation.
  • The farming systems currently practised do not encourage mechanisation
  • There are no access roads for machines and most farmers are poor.
  • High running costs for machinery discourages mechanisation.
  • Heavy tree stumps left after land clearing hinder use of machinery.
  • Machines or implements are expensive to purchase.
  • Machines are costly to maintain
  • Inadequate capital or credit facilities.
  • Machine spare parts are not easily available.
  • There is low level of technical know-how about machinery.
  • There is inadequate extension services or education for farmers.
  • Unfavourable soil terrain or topography prevents mechanisation.
  • There is inadequate farm labourers or farm hands to enhance mechanisation.
  • Poor Market structures or system for agricultural produce discourage farmers from large scale production.


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