Nutrient Cycling In Nature

A nutrient cycle is the movement and exchange of organic and inorganic matter back into the production of matter.

We will be discussing two main types of nutrient Cycling

Carbon cycle

It is one of the most commonly occurring element in different forms; 0.1% as part of the earth’s crust and 175% as organisms. Carbon circulation is the consequence of both living and non-living things, and constant at 0.04%

Carbon (iv) oxide is produced in air by burning of organic matter, respiration in oorganisms, engines, automobiles, decay, photosynthesis in green plants releases carbon (iv) oxide in air. Solubility of carbon (iv) in water makes the ocean, rivers and lake large reservoire for carbon (iv) oxide.

Water cycle

Plants absorb water from the soil, animals take in water (drinking),They lose water to the air by evaporation, transpiration, respiration, and excretion. Also sea, rivers, lakes, and ponds lose water to the air by evaporation. And in the air, water falls as rain, or snow or dew.


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