North sending weapons of biological warfare to the South in the name of Almajirai — Uwazurike alleges

The migration (from the North) to all the southern and Middle Belt states is akin to a biological warfare against the mentioned areas.

Chief Goddy Uwazurike
A former President of Aka Ikenga, an association of Igbo professionals, Chief Goddy Uwazurike, has accused northern leaders of sending “weapons of biological warfare” to the south in the name of Almajirai.

Uwazurike, in an interview with The Punch on Sunday, said the Almajiri kids were send on a mission to deal with the southerners not for any other purpose.

Below is the excerpt of the interview.

What do you think about the controversy generated by the recent cases of Almajirai from the North intercepted in some states, including the South – East?

The Federal Government, in its wisdom, banned interstate travels so that the dreaded COVID – 19 pandemic does not spread uncontrollably. Many governors complied with the directive but the almighty Governor of Kano State (Abdullahi Ganduje) decided to do the opposite. He ordered the hitherto untouchable Almajiri boys and girls back to their states of origin.

Today, all the other governors in the federation are up in arms about it and the Igbo people are singled out for condemnation for obeying the directive of President Muhammadu Buhari. For the avoidance of doubt, the Governor of Kaduna State (Nasir El – Rufai) had in a recent statement condemned the directive of the governor of Kano State. He stated clearly that the Almajiri kids were testing positive in Kaduna. The government of Taraba followed suit.

Some states even insisted on sending the Almajirai people back to Kano . It should be noted that former President Goodluck Jonathan had built special schools for the Almajiri but this government abandoned the scheme. The All Progressives Congress even made it a campaign issue in 2015. The almighty Almajirai kids were prominent voters in 2015 and 2019, including eight – year – olds.

What do you think is behind the movement of these Almajirai people in trucks to different states at this time, despite the ban on interstate movement?

The migration (from the North) to all the southern and Middle Belt states is akin to a biological warfare against the mentioned areas. The government of Nigeria knows what to do but it has chosen to ignore it while the areas are massively exposed.

Somebody is delicately sending the weapons of biological warfare down South. The Almajirai kids had never been to the South but now, somebody is paying for their fares to get to the South. The kids can only speak Hausa. They are beggars and no one will employ them. So, it is a way to deal with the South.


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